Vernon Manor Pepperoni Review

Vernon ManorOne of my local groceries seems to get more than their share of ‘scratch and dent’ foods.  That’s my term for products that aren’t regularly stocked or are on the shelf at a deep discount.   They do have a close-out bin, as well, which is odd, because the products in there are rarely products that one regularly sees on the shelves/coolers at thes tore.   My favorite is “meat ends,” chunks of chubs from the deli, apparently too small to go through the slicer without the potential for significant loss of limb to the deli workers.

In any case, yesterday they had a pile of these two pound packages of pepperoni from “Vernon Manor,” a brand manufactured by Fresh Mark of Ohio, also the parent of Sugardale meats.

Two pound packs of pepperoni, in and of themselves, are unusual, these more so by the fact they were only $2.99 each.  At a buck and a half a pound, that’s about 90% off the big name brands.

I only bought one, for as much processed pork as I consume, I knew I would have to attempt to freeze some of this, not sure if that will work, but I put the pork slices in baggies in 1/3 – 1/2 pound increments. Sort of.

It is a pork and beef product, and there are some ‘cracker jack like surprises’ in the pack – in addition to 95% traditionally thin sliced pieces, there is also an occasional chub end or six, perfect for snack noshing.

I’m picky about my pepperoni, I want a flavorful slice, not all that fatty, as high fat pepp is what causes your charring and cupping on a pizza.  There are some that say that’s a good thing, but it doesn’t appeal to me.  I like this one, good flavor, a nice little kick.

It’s made at the Canton, OH factory pictured below.

Fresh Mark Ohio

Fresh Mark Factory

Fresh Mark Factory

Fresh Mark Aerial


Vernon Manor Pepperoni Review

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