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whitecastle_microburgersI have reviewed a good quantity of frozen “heat and eat” burgers, including these in the past.  Other brands covered include Steak N Shake, Big Az, Fred Meyer (Kroger), Dollar Tree, Walgreens,  and Ball Park.   (Note, I am only referring to completely pre-cooked burgers, not frozen patties that need to be cooked in a traditional method).

I won’t tell you here which was my favorite, you’ll have to read all those older reviews!

My biggest “beef” with these sandwiches in the past, has been the lack of ability to heat them evenly, generally the bun would be hard or the patty still had cold spots or some combination of the two.  I “solved” this for me by heating each element separately, but it still took trial and error.

In the White Castle restaurants, the burgers are cooked quickly on a steam table covered with grilled onions.  “Steam” is the operative word here, and White Castle has goofed around with their prep method for the frozen burgers until they came  up with a solution to my complaint.

The new instructions call for heating the burgers in their (two pack) plastic wrapper, with one end open.  This creates a little steamer “environment” and after 60 seconds in the microwave (for hard frozen ones), the results are very satisfactory, and come very close to the in-store experience.

I dress my White Castles with pickle and a squirt of mustard.  At the restaurants, the burgers are served with a dollop of the grilled onions and a pickle slice, other condiments are up to you.  White Castle has a surprising variety of condiments available, just ask.   There is no USDA establishment number on the packaging, so I can’t tell you where these little beauties are manufactured.  The bottom line is that if you like the restaurant product, you’ll find these a satisfactory substitute to getting in the car, Harold and Kumar aside.  And there are VERY FEW restaurant branded foods in the grocery aisles that can make that claim.

My previous White Castle restaurant reviews:  Little Nibblers Shrimp, Jalapeno ChickenWhite Castle history.

If you’ve never been to an actual White Castle Restaurant, put it on your bucket list.  They are mostly located in the Northern portion of the Midwestern and Eastern United States.  They’re small, they’re inexpensive, and it’s an experience that will stay with you!  Menu.  Locator for both restaurants and retail outlets for the frozen product.

Cooked and Dressed

Cooked and Dressed








White Castle Frozen

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