White Castle Veggie Slider

White Castle Veggie Slider ReviewWhy, some of my best friends are vegetarian.  OK, not many.  I was in a relationship with a vegetarian for two years.  We managed, despite having to fix two versions of every meal at home.

I have to admit I was surprised when White Castle announced they were going to offer a veggie slider, because the market for vegetarian food is so small – less than 7 % of the US describe themselves as vegetarians.

The Castle chose to partner with a successful vegetarian food firm, Dr. Praeger’s from New Jersey (pic of factory below).  Praeger started in 1994 as an offshoot of a kosher food company that Dr Praeger, a cardio surgeon, and a colleague acquired.  They figured they could make a healthy line of food.

White Castle describes their burger as “chock full of vegetables like carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach, broccoli and more – lightly seasoned, then grilled to perfection and placed on the signature Slider bun. Customers will have their choice of three tasty sauces: Honey Mustard, Ranch or Sweet Thai.”

I ordered mine “plain” to see what the actual patty tasted like, and after the first bite, I had a feeling why Castle offers the ‘tasty sauces;”  the basic burger doesn’t really taste like anything.

And can a not meat (specifically beef) patty really be called a “burger?”  I think not.

If you’re of vegetarian bent, you may well like this.  Dedicated slider eaters should pass.  Generally “meat things” with green spots give me the willies. LOL  The good news?  During this same visit, I picked up an order of Castle’s LTO Shrimp Nibblers (their bow to Lent traditions), which I really like.

White Castle Veggie Slider Review




White Castle Veggie Slider

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