Youngs Frozen Fish and Chips Review


Youngs Frozen Fish and Chips Review

Youngs Frozen Fish and Chips Review. “Fish and chips” was the ‘national dish’ of England for 100 + years, starting in the mid-1800s.  It was really one of the first examples of “fusion cuisine” as both of the components were brought to the country by immigrants.  At the peak of the dishe’s popularity, there were reportedly over 35,000 fish and chips shops in the UK.

Cod and haddock were the usual fish utilized, with a semi-thick breading, and deep fried.  “Chips” (French fries) were thicker, heartier cuts of potatoes that in the U.S.

Another tradition for the industry was the take-out food was wrapped in newspapers.

I lived in London in the 1990s, and by then fish and chips shops were few and far between. “Curry” had replaced the swimmers as England’s favorite take-out food.  I had to actually hunt for fish and chips to sample.

Youngs Frozen Fish and Chips Review

Cooked product.

Young’s Seafood has been around for over 200 years.  They were initially known for “potted shrimp” and later became the innovators to bring frozen scallops and shrimp to the public.

Young’s is England’s largest specialist seafood brand, capturing nearly 20% of the $1.4 billion fish and chips market.  Their frozen line includes a variety of different types of servings of cod and haddock.

I purchased the single serving product, which included one filet of cod and a handful of fries.  It suggested baking at 450 for 22 minutes, and I did exactly that.

I was more than pleased, and it exceeded my expectations.  The fish breading was crisp, the flesh firm and flavorful.  The fries were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  They were not pre-seasoned, which is nice.

I would buy this product again, in the larger quantity bag, to have on hand.  It’s one of the very few selections I have had in this segment that I regard as “swell.”







Youngs Frozen Fish and Chips Review