Chain – Claim Jumper (Reprise)

Claim JumperWith 40+ restaurants located in five western states and two in the midwest, Claim Jumper is the epitome of upscale fast casual.

With an extensive menu that offers everything from soup to nuts, it would be, in my opinion, very difficult to not find something to please everyone in your party.

We opted for dinner from Delivered Dish, a service we use often at home – in Portland they offer food from 150 restaurants, every type of cuisine you can imagine.  Our past experience dining in can be found here.

Tonight we ordered a broad array, as we had a pal eating with us.  Our gluten-free friend went with the Citrus Chicken Salad;  Mrs. BDB has the top sirloin, which we ordered rare, and sides of a small green salad, baked potato loaded, and garlic cheese toast.  The ladies also split the seared blackened ahi appetizer, and I went for (really?!?!?) a deep dish meat lover’s pizza.

Topped it off with the Chocolate Motherlode cake, one slice, which when we have purchased it before, has ended up lasting nearly a week.  It’s massive!

Delivered Dish’s software ticks down the time to delivery, with a ‘board’ that lights up for “order received”, “order being cooked”, “preparing for delivery”, and “order on the way.”  Their estimated delivery time was 7:39PM, an hour from when we ordered.

The driver arrived at 8:31, nearly an hour late.  That’s a first time experience for us from Delivered Dish – more often they are early.

The food was above reproach for quality and flavor.  Plating left a little to be desired, the containers had been jostled or poorly placed in the driver’s insulated bag.

But everything we had ordered arrived, just as how we had ordered it, and the ladies were quite pleased with all of it.

The pizza?  High quality toppings, great flavor, doughy crust.  I seasoned it with sample salt I received the same day from Sneaky Salts, a brave new seasoning company, which I will write about more extensively in the days to come.   Their Provence salt, which includes a mixture of herbs, was perfect on the pie!

Claim Jumper

Meat Lover's Deep Dish Pizza


Claim Jumper

Rare Top Sirloin with Loaded Baker


Claim Jumper

Motherlode 6 Layer Chocolate Cake

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