Gas Station Sandwiches – Jewel Grocery’s Turkey Club

If you’re a new reader, you need to know I use the term “gas station sandwiches” with all do respect.  It’s my phrase to describe pre-made packaged sandwiches of all ilks, whether they come from a grocery, gas station, mini mart, or vending machine.   I’ve talked about them before.

My recent sampling was a “Turkey Club” from Jewel grocery, which is part of the Albertson’s group, which is now owned by a private equity group.  Jewels are found in the Midwestern US.

The ingredients on the turkey club says “turkey breast, crisp bacon, green leaf lettuce, Roma tomatoes accompanied with a creamy mayonnaise.

The ‘marketing slogan’ on the package says “inspired by today’s culinary trends, our sandwiches are made with premium meats and cheeses, unique spreads, farm fresh produce, and artisan baked breads.  Out superior ingredients and innovative packaging, made from recycled bottles, guarantee a delicious taste in every bite.”

That’s a mouthful.

I can’t really take exception to any of that except maybe “premium meats”, as the turkey was pressed, chopped and form slices.  I’d prefer fresh oven roasted, of course.   Which leads me to this:  if you want to have the best club sandwich of your life, visit Huber’s, Portland Oregon’s oldest restaurant, and they specialize in turkey!

How was this?  It’s OK.  The bread was toasted, and the bacon was crisp.   Of course you know a standard club is a three-decker sandwich cut into four quarters, and this packaging contains only there quarters, at at $5 is a little spendy, in my opinion.

Would I purchase one again? Probably, tho I did have my eye on the Cuban sandwich sitting next to this one.  Next time.