Gas Station Sandwiches “Mom’s” Brand

Mom's Fresh Sandwiches

Mom's Fresh Sandwiches

I write a lot about gas station “cuisine.”   I think I have sampled most every major manufacturer’s hot foods, as well as fresh wrapped sandwiches. Deli Express seems to be the 900 pound canary in the room, but I can’t say for sure.  As it is a Minnesota company, and I am a Minnesota boy, it is certainly the brand I was first aware of.    Deli Express does a good job, too.  I am particularly fond of their “Italian Sandwich“, which they used to call a muffaletta, even tho it lacked several key ingredients of a traditional muff.   I believe early on Deli Express was a distributor or reseller of a different brand, whose name was Stewart.  Could be mistaken on that.

This trip, I was able to (able to?) try a sandwich from a Ft. Worth company called “Mom’s Fresh Sandwiches.”  From their website, it seems they make and distribute these sandwiches, along with other products (Jack Link, for example).

I had one of their ham and cheese sammies quite by accident.  I was feeling a might peckish in Oklahoma, and saw a billboard for “Robertson’s Hams“, which used to be located all over Oklahoma, and sold cured hams, jerky, and ham sandwiches.  My mouth squirted when I saw the billboard and took the exit.  But my salivary glands slammed shut when I saw this location was closed.  Damn.   Clink on the link above for stores that are still open or order online.  It’s good stuff.

So it was fast food or gas station, and I opted for the latter, obviously.

Mom’s makes a fresh wrapped sandwich as good as anybody does, and the meat and cheese portions were ample.   Mine was very cold, but then I always pick from the far reaches of the cooler.  A freshness rotation thing.   Most of these sandwich companies have such high volume and are in their outlets so often, spoilage isn’t usually a problem, but once and awhile, you’ll find one with a grey piece of meat or two …. so I pick from the back.  That’s all.

P.S.  Dear Mom’s:  do you know how hard it is to find your website in search engines?   A little money spent on SEO will clear that right up.

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