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There are a lot of these around (35) the area, but none of them are really near me, so when I was driving up I-5 yesterday, I took advantage of seeing one of their locations, and stopping in for a take-out pie for my ride.

Can’t really say what town it was in, Southern Oregon somewhere, just off the Interstate, and it was lunchtime, they were doing a fairly brisk business, two women behind the counter, seemed to be a little overtaxed work wise, but nonplussed all the same. They took my order with a good attitude, and were kind enough to caution me the cooking time might be a little longer than usual, which was fine with me.

They had a salad bar, but I was surprised at their not being a lunch buffet, so popular with so many of the pizza chains these days. The salad bar has the usual assortment of items we have grown used to seeing at pizzerias. I generally don’t like pizza buffets, the last one I was at, every single pie seemed to have pineapple on it – not a favorite topping of mine.

I went with a medium thin crust Ultimate Meat, which includes Italian Sausage, Linguica, Pepperoni, Canadian Style Bacon, and extra cheese. After the required amount of prep and cooking time (no idea how long, I was doing a crossword puzzle), they called my name, and off I went.

It’s a good pie, better than most chains, and Abby’s are more than generous with toppings. The pie is thin enough to have a bit of “New York hang”, but no “slide” which is a good thing (when you pick up a piece, the toppings don’t end up on your plate.

There was plenty left by the time I reached home, and Mrs. Burgerdogboy pronounced it great, and she usually doesn’t care about pizza one way or another. I asked her what she liked, and I saw her scanning her brain for the word – she said “the dust”. I said “cornmeal?” “No, the meat crumbs – debris!” (Debris is a New Orleans food term.). What she was saying, between the toppings is there is a lot of small crumb bonus meat, which she liked.

Abby’s sauce is a bit sweet than most, but all in all, this pie is a winner. $20 for the medium. I would add the joint to my regular circuit if the closest one wasn’t 50 miles away. Their menu is online, but their website is not nearly as good as their pizza. They are also on FB, but apparently not Twitter.

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