Portland, OR – C Burger Reprise

Went back to C Burger  today, on Couch, between 3rd and 4th.  If you haven’t been, it’s a door front take out burger in the back of the Couture Club.  Strictly al fresco, without seating.

I have had a great burger there before, today, I had a good burger. I ordered the Couture, at $8, with Cascade Natural Beef, applewood smoked bacon, a couple of cheeses, tomato “jam”, crispy shallots, aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion, house pickles.  Also got a small order of fries for $10.

He said it would take 8-9 minutes, and that would be on the speedy side, I realized, as I was the first (and at that point only) customer.

I walked down the street to the mini mart to get a couple other things for the new office (also on Couch!), and meandered back to wait for my burger, which was ready in the time he promised.

Went back to the office, dug out a paper plate, and some napkins, took the burger out, lifted the bun (I asked for a bun, the menu says this is an English muffin type burger), and poked around.

Hmmm, everything seems to be in order.  Except?  What?  A case of porcinus missingus.  No bacon.  Hmm, no crispy shallots either.  Oh well.

Bit into this baby, and it is surely an explosion of flavors.  Great beef, and quality condiments.  I’m usually not a ketchup guy at all, and I could have asked for no “tomato jam” and personally would have been happier.   It’s just too sweet for my personal taste, but lots of people I know rave about it.

Lots of aioli, which I love, could be stronger for me, and I love the house pickles, and should have asked for a pile more of them.  They are paper thin.

Will I be back?  Hell yes, this is a damned fine burger within spitting distance of the office.   I like to try things as the chef intended, but next time, I’ll order it to my own liking.

Hit up C Burger.  Worth the trek.


C Burger Portland

C Burger Portland


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