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As a regular reader, you know one of my “acid tests” for how much I like a pizza, is how it holds up to eating the next morning.  I might add a similar criteria for burgers.  Tho I seldom like “leftovers”, I do admit to putting a few extra patties in a frying pan when I am cooking burgers at home, and on occasion, eat those patties out of the frig in the morning.    But restaurant food?  Nah, not for me.  Or so I thought.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and a her pal Tiffany, Portland’s “hair extraordinaire lady“,  were meeting for lunch yesterday, and they went to Portland’s “Killer Burger“, an odd choice for my wife, as she doesn’t really care for ground beef and might consume two burgers in a calendar year. (But yes, in spite of this, we are still together!).

She reported that the joint is small, very small, but the food more than made up for it.   Killer is known for hand-crafted burgers to the extreme, with toppings and add-ons made in house from the highest quality ingredients.  To quote her directly, “My sandwich was delishus! (Sic)  It created a party of flavors in my mouth!”

That’s awfully high-praise from a non-burger person.  She texted me at work and said she was bringing me one, I said “don’t bother, I won’t see you for three hours, and I don’t think it will hold up all that well.”

But of course, one of her missions in life is killing me with kindness over and above what any husband deserves, and when she picked me up later, she presented me with Killer’s ‘peanut butter bacon pickle’ burger.

It had come off the griddle approximately 3 hours earlier, sitting in its take out packaging, it was……..in a word……..beautiful.

I cautiously lifted it to my burger hole, took a bite……..and swooned.  This is a burger.  A hand crafted 1/3 pound patty, smeared with peanut butter, bacon strips, their in-house smokey sauce, crispy dills, mayo, grilled onions……a delicate blend of sweet and savory on a soft, delicious, over the top bun.

Even the cold fries stood out.  The little woman told me I wouldn’t believe how they tasted just out of the fryer. “When we go back,” she started to say…… and I interrupted, “Us, go to a burger place together?  Who are you and what have you done with my wife?”

But return I am sure we will.  Together.

Thank you Mrs. BDB, and that YOU, Killer Burger!  Superb!

Killer Burger Portland Oregon


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