Portland, OR – The Sausage Shack Review

Sausage Shack Portland Food CartWas feeling a might peckish after getting dropped in downtown post high-roller biz meeting at low rent coffee shop in NE.  Was determined to head straight to Alder pod, but got dropped on Naito, and threw on the foot brakes when I walked past the Sausage Shack.

I’d heard about this sausage and bacon wonderland, but short on cash, I bypassed the tubular nutrition delivery vehicles and opted for a piping hot, made-to-order mound of chili cheese fries.  They come in your choice of shoestring or curly, and I opted for the former, as I have never cottoned up to the curly variety.

The affable attendant took my $ and said “I’ll have those for you as soon as I can,”  which I actually took as a good sign, and a hint that he was going to prepare them fresh, I wasn’t going to be getting some soggy heat-lamp aging fries.

And right I was.  It took a couple minutes, but he fried up a fresh batch, ladled on the chili, sprinkled some shredded cheese on top, stuck a fork in them and called them done.

I loved them. The fries were crisp and salty, the chili steaming and meaty (a few beans, too), and the cheese cold and ample. $4.00, and worth every farthing.

I polished them off standing at one of the “USA Today” al fresco dining tables one finds scattered around every city (nice of Gannett to put them out for us, eh?)

Perusing their menu after the fact, I know I’ll be back.  Get me some of dem bacon wrapped delights!


Sausage Shack Portland Food Cart

Chili Cheese Fries


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Sausage shack review

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