Regional Brands, Hoffy, Part 4, Hoffy Bacon

Hoffy Brand BaconCracked open a one pound package of Hoffy Premium Bacon for breakfast this morning; like most people these days, Mrs. BDB and I are bacon crazy, and we’re constantly on the look out for bacon that suits our palate.

Hoffy gets about 18 slices to the pound, thicker than some, thinner than others.  We liked it.

It’s my own personal conclusion that Hoffy is building their reputation and product line based on creating product that caters to the widest possible audience, and that’s a good thing.

The basis for my opinion is fairly straight forward: quality products, good taste, and not burdened with extreme flavors – and by that I mean, the product tastes the way you would expect, rather than having some overpowering flavor imparted from additives.

There is an occasional conflict in the BurgerDogBoy household about how to cook bacon – my personal preference is to fry it in a skillet or on a cast iron griddle on the stove top, and the reason I like doing this is to be able to collect the residual fat left after cooking – to use it in other things I concoct in the kitchen during the week.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy prefers that we bake our pork strips in the oven, and how she does this is to put a bread rack on cookie sheet and pop it in a 350 oven for 20 minutes, and turning and watching after that milestone.

The baking method has its advantages, for sure, less shrinkage, the strips cook up flat and straight, and she insists (OK, I agree with her) that the bacon cooks more evenly.

And thus we baked our Hoffy Bacon this morning.   The first thing one notices when the baking is partially into the process, you get an overwhelming odor sensation of “OMG – there’s PORK cooking!”

That’s right, Hoffy Bacon actually smells and tastes like a bonafide pork product.  It’s relatively lean, and it tastes (in our opinion) like bacon is supposed to taste.

Maybe Hoffy could adopt that tag line you see lately for other products? “Bacon, the way it was meant to be!”

It’s so easy to be disappointed in bacon these days, we’ve purchased on of the largest national brands lately and watched it virtually “melt” into nothingness in the skillet.  Not to mention sticker shock, lately.  I’ve seen a pound package of another brand for $15.  What?  We do like Hoffy comes in a 1 lb package, a lot of bacon these days is packed in 12 oz units.

Congrats on a great product, Hoffy people!  We’ll be regulars.


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