Subway Club vs 7-Eleven Club Sandwich

(Short link to full post for mobile readers).  I’m becoming a cheap fucker in my golden years; or perhaps I’m penny pinching like most folks in the “new economy.”  In any case, I look for value these days, the most quantity for the least amount of money.

In October, Subway has all foot longs for $5.   That’s a pretty good deal, considering you can load them up with all sorts of extra vegetables (heft) at no extra charge.   Their foot-long club sandwich weighs in at 484 grams (according to their website) or .0103 cents per gram of pressed, chopped, and formed meat goodness.

7-Eleven sandwiches, which I have written about many times, come in at 3.99 for 262 grams, or .015 cents per gram of semi-nutrition.  7-Eleven’s ‘condiment’ bar offers diced onions, relish, and pre-packaged mustard and mayo, it would take an awful lot of that to add any heft to the sandwich.

Which is fresher, offers more nutrition, or tastes better is up to your own personal palate to decide.  The Subway sandwiches are made on the spot when you order, the 7-Eleven (from my store anyway) are assembled in Seattle at LSG Sky Chefs, part of the Lufthansa group.   Yes, when you munch into a 7-Eleven sandwich, you can be taken back to that pleasant memory of the last airline meal you consumed.

My most recent 7-Eleven sandwich was the Ham, Turkey, and Bacon Club on Whole Wheat.  As I am fond of saying, “it is what it is.”  I’ve eaten my share of gas station sandwiches (as I call them).  My favorite has always been Deli Express’ Muffaletta, but I don’t think they offer that any more.

Gas station/C-store sandwiches are relatively cheap, relatively fresh, and relatively filling.  My only caveat, hint is to make sure your pressed, chopped, and formed meat selection somewhat resembles the real thing in color!

Bottom line?  I like 7-Eleven sandwiches.

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