A & W – Anywhere, and Everywhere


“All American Food” is their tag line these days. The A&W rootbeer concept (started by Mssrs Allen and Wright) is thriving and growing under the YUM (Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, KFC) unbrella, and it often co-located with one of its sister brands. Not much has changed on their menu since back in the day, with one notable exception: Mama Burger and Baby Burger have been killed off, and Papa Burger is flying solo these days, as far as the burger family goes, kind of like Jon & Kate, I guess.

The signage around the store stresses AMERICAN, and I’m not sure why, it’s not like AW PNG3anybody questions that. They tout “100% American Beef”, which is I guess, a jab at the multinational chains, unless A&W themselves is using “American” in the correct way, and including everything in the Western Hemisphere?” I wonder. The counter girl must have worried about the taste of the burger (for me) as she threw in all this ketchup, even tho I didn’t order fries!

They have added cheese nuggets, and !Corn Dog Nuggets! (these will be worth trying in the future), but today, I had a the plain old cheeseburger combo, and I will also note, most combos at A&W are over $7.00, and they don’t have a value menu at all.

The root beer comes out of a “tap” on the front counter. Doesn’t seem as rich as it used to be, but it’s still a fine root beer.  The burger was pretty standard fast food.  A little better than McD’s and BK, for my money, but not worth the additional cost.


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