Airway Heights, WA – Buckhorn Inn

Dinner and dancing? Knotty pine walls and timber rafters? Dead animals on the wall? Be still my beating heart!

buckhorn1It was “lunch” time, and I was rolling west out of Spokane on US Hwy 2, I love the old highways, and have had some memorable trips on Rtes 66, 20, 12, 61, and many more. Get off the freeway sometime and check out the old roads, you find gems like this, and the architecture of old highway motels tickles me to no end.

According to the host / manager / owner of the Buckhorn, it’s been around since the 40s, and was probably quite the hoppin’ roadhouse way out in the country, back in the day. Now it’s on a suburban stretch of chain stobuckhorn4res and strip malls, and you’d barely notice it if you weren’t scouring the roadsides for something unique.

The menu had been updated, particularly in the appetizer category, with “a foot of onion rings”, chicken sliders, mini-tacos, and tequila wings, but I hopped for tradition and went with the chicken fried steak and eggs, done perfectly to my order. I don’t believe the steak or gravy were prepared in house, they were what they were, but it was a fine start to a blustery day, and a great follow up to leftover Stageline pizza in the car.

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