Algonquin, IL – Chubby’s

Chubby’s, in the NW burbs of Chicago, is a ‘mom and pop’ style burger/dog/Greek fast food place.  They serve above average quality, cooked to order foods.   It’s always amazing to me that independents can survive these days, but at noon,  at least, this place is fairly busy, and like most suburban eateries, is surrounded by the big chains.

I went with a plain cheeseburger, at $3.99 for what looks like a third pound patty, built to resemble hand-formed, but my guess it’s a machined patty.  While the flavor was OK, with some smoke flavor enhancer added, the texture, a relatively fine grind, was not to my personal taste.

The soft bakery roll, dusted with cornmeal, was amble enough to stand up to whatever one would choose to layer between it.

Will I go back?  Yep.  I’d like to try some other items on the menu, which you can peruse here  before you visit!

2015 Update:  I don’t think I really noticed their fries last time.  Hand cut, skin on.  Really outstanding.  A damned fine cheezy beef, too.

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