Amsterdam, NL – Cafe Du Lac

I wasn’t looking for a burger this day, I was more fascinated by Jerusalem Shoarma Pizza Steakhouse Croissanterie across the street. More on that later. We were wasting time, waiting on an appointment, stopped in the first place that looked hospitable, and it was called “Du Lac.”

A bar with ornate and off-beat furnishings, it was early, but they were willing to feed us off the lunch or tapas menus.

Having had a wonderful tapas meal a few nites earlier, Mrs. BDB was in the mood for more, and ordered marinated sardines.

I ordered a burger. We each had a coffee (way too much coffee this trip, but it was all sooooooo good) while waiting for our orders.

The sardines were on the biggish size, each about 8 inches and char-grilled, neither of us were expecting that, but they were smooth and buttery, akin in my mind to smoked trout.

The burger was more than fine, there were some dandy half-sour pickles on it, and the meat was seasoned; it reminded me of burgers I have had in Jamaica, where the meat was mixed with finely-diced onion.

Probably not worth a stop on its own, but if you’re in the hood, the Cafe Du Lac will more than do. One thing I gotta say about Amsterdam burgers…even in the smallest shops, there was nothing resembling a Sysco patty. Everywhere we went or witnessed were hand-forming fresh grind. Also? There wasn’t a single hamburger roll that needed an apology!

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