And Now You Know…..The Rest of the Story

Everybody reading this has probably a pretty fair idea of where and when the modern day hamburger or hamburg sandiwch was created.   There are a lot of different locations that claim to be the birthplace of the modern hamburger in the U.S.,  little is said about the invention of the bun, and where would burgers be without buns?    We know that early on, hamburg sandwiches were often served on bread, bakery rolls, and even toast (see Louis’ Lunch, New Haven, which also claims to be an originator, around 1900).

But the modern 4 1/2″ bun (sometimes 5″),  the modern one, as we know it, became a reality right here in Portland, Oregon, by the Franz bakery, in the 1920s,  still locally owned, and still delivering burger buns to a vast majority of burger joints in the Pacific Northwest.

So that makes our precious bun about 90 years old!  Thank you, Franz!

franz logo png

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