Arcadia, WI – Detox Bar and Grill

Detox Bar and GrillWinding our way through the backwoods of Wisconsin, back and around my old stomping ground of LaCrosse, where I had my first job after college.  Cruising up US 53 north out of LaCrosse, and feeling a might puckish as the noon hour was approaching.   We had passed through Sparta, WI, earlier, home of F.A.S.T. Enterprises, manufacturers of huge fiberglass ‘things’, like the muffler man, and chickens, and you name it.  Always a joy for me to see that field.

On to Arcadia, Wisconsin, home of a factory for Ashley Furniture, and  Arcadia Fryers (now part of Gold N Plump) and not much else.  Founded in 1855 along the banks of the Trempealeau River, an 80 mile tributary of the Mississippi.

Wandered into the Detox Bar and Grill, expecting your usual assortment of bar food, which they had, and a whole lot more.  I had a hankering for smelt bites, as it was the season, but fell for the Detox burger when I read that the bun was garlic/cheese French bread.  Ah, overdose, material.

And you know what?  This was one of the best burgers I have had in the past year or so.  Hand made patty, nicely seasoned and cooked, and the garlic/cheese bread added to the flavor layer.  I liked it.   I’d do it again.

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