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I’ve tested a lot of ‘heat and eat’ burger patties at home, from the frozen varieties like Fred Meyer Frozen Mini Cheeseburgers, Private Selection Angus Beef Patties, and Trader Joes Kobe Style, White Castle,  to the convenience store types like Big A Angus Charbroil, and the 7-Eleven Cheeseburger,

With the exception of the mini mart burgers, the other patties all come frozen and uncooked.   Ball Park Flame Grilled Beef Patties are frozen and fully cooked, and only have to be heated in a microwave, on a skillet or grill.

If you’re a regular reader, you know even if a product calls gives a choice of being microwaved or some other cooking method, usually I chose to heat on a stove top; tonight was an exception, and I followed the manufacturer’s instructions for microwaving:  microwave safe plate, cover patty with a paper towel, heat 60-75 seconds.

Here’s what the patty looks like right out of the resealable pouch:

Ball Park Flame Grilled Beef Patties

And in nearly less than a minute, “plated”, this burger looks like a hand-formed, quality hamburger:

Ball Park Flame Grilled Beef Patties

I was quite surprised at both the taste and texture of this product. I liked it. I’d buy them again, and you should too.

Ball Park Beef patties come in three varieties, and are packed 6 to a bag, at my store they were $7.99.

Here’s their latest TV commercial to tell you the whole story.


Pretty standard: beef, water, salt, beef stock, flavoring, oil, starch, corn syrup and lemon juice concentrate.  That last ingredient is a puzzler!



ball park beef patties

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