Banquet Frozen Chicken Fried Steak Meal

Another in a line of inexpensive frozen “dinners”, the Banquet brand (ConAgra) Chicken Fried Beef Steak Dinner comes with a breaded meat patty, whipped potatoes, cream gravy, and kernel corn.

About 10 ounces in all, 43 carbs, and nearly half your daily sodium requirement.

The instructions call for microwaving on high for 3 minutes, stir the potatoes, another 2 minutes in the nuke, and then 2 minutes resting time.

At the “stir potatoes” mark, in my oven, the potatoes were mostly still frozen, so there wasn’t much stirring to do.

After the full  five minutes, everything was heated, but the potatoes did not have a very good consistency, more watery than they should be, almost like grits.

Nevertheless, I waited the suggested two minutes more, did another stir of the potatoes, and slopped the gravy around the tray.

Kernel corn?  Fine. How can you mess that up?  Potatoes never acquired a “whipped-like” quality, so I was put off by them.

Naturally, the meat patty with the breading didn’t crisp up – why hasn’t this been mastered yet, crisping in a microwave meal?   But the flavor wasn’t really that bad.

If you’re not a cook, or have a much busier life style that I do, these frozen meals today are a good value, often the major chains have huge sales on them, I have seen them at 4 / $5 and even on a 10 / $10 basis.

There is a huge variety to chose from between all the different brands.  You’re sure to find something you like, even if I haven’t!  Check out Banquet’s new website (9/2015).

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