When Blue and Red Are the Same

No, it’s not a political post, unless you consider the cooked state of burgers political!   Like all of you, I have been assaulted by political ads and emails these past few weeks, and it got me to wondering, are blue and red ever the same?

Turns out, in my mind, yes!

Americans sometime ask for their burgers “red”, or “bloody red”, meaning very rare;  in other parts of the world, to indicate the same thing, you’d request your meat to be “blue” (bleu), which is red in the middle!

Simple? Confusing?   How do you order your burgers?  Do you get annoyed at restaurants that have the ‘meat disclaimer’ saying all burgers will be cooked to a certain stage, whether that’s your preference or not?

To me, here’s a pic of the perfect cooking state, whether you call it red or blue!

Green Chile Cheeseburger, Bobcat Bite, Santa Fe

Green Chile Cheeseburger, Bobcat Bite, Santa Fe

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