Burger King $1 Double Cheeseburger – Marketing vs Reality

So I was wasting time today, and decided to sample the $1 Double Cheeseburger at Burger King, which they tout ¬†as “1/4 pound” (with the usual disclaimers) and more meat than McD’s.

I’m not sure about the weight thing, tho I guess it could be true, with two 2 ounce patties. They do still slop on two slices of “cheese”, whereas the McDouble only has one. Seems like I have read recently BK will follow suit and also up the ante to $1.29. I think.

For what it is, and what you pay, it’s relatively OK. One thing I don’t care for at BK is the last minute nuke of the sandwich to melt the cheese, because it also makes the bun rather flimsy. Perhaps the new fancy-pants ovens they are installing will eliminate this step. That would be good.

Below is a pic of their sandwich from their marketing, and a couple from the one they served me today. Being as BK doesn’t serve anything that requires plastic cutlery, I had to tear the burger in half to show you the interior.

The most you can spend at a Burger King for a sized-up meal is $7.59.

But for only a buck, the Double Cheeseburger hits the spot. Also appearing on the $1 menu, small fries or rings, and while BK’s rings have never been the greatest, they are a nice change from bad fries.

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