Burger King Double Stack

It’s been some time since I voluntarily went into a Burger King. While I like the “char” flavor, everything else they do is wrong, wrong, wrong, so it’s just not on my radar for fast food. I made an exception yeburgerkingsterday as I was waiting for an appointment and had to find a place to chill for a half hour. As it was about lunch time…..

I ordered a #11, the “double stack meal”, which was $5.19 on the menu board, but was $5.69 on the register, with no explanation. (Strike 1). Although traffic was slight both inside and at the drive thru, it took more than 5 minutes to get my order (Strike 2).

The description of the Double Stack burger on the BK website says: “Choose from double, triple, or even quadruple-stacked layers of beef and cheese – topped with bacon and sauce. This is a burger-boasting, flame-broiled stack of meaty and cheesy goodness.”

Sauce? What is “sauce?” If you describe it’s flavor, I would know whether or not I wanted to have it “my way.” (Strike 3).

I might have ordered the simple double cheeseburger, as, according to its description, it comes with colored condiments, I guess that’s a festive touch! “The good ol’ BURGER KING Double Cheeseburger. Crunchy pickles, red ketchup, yellow< mustard, and fittingly, cheese – all on a sesame seed bun.”

What on earth made them use colored descriptions of the condiments in their copy on the website? Does research show each item description needs exactly some certain quantity of words, and they were filling their quota? Sheesh. (Strike 4).

As for the actual product, (pic below), a thumb seems to have gotten in the way of production, and BK has this horrible habit of tossing cheese-topped products into the microwave, thus pulverizing the entire sandwich (please BK, I’d rather have SLIGHTLY melted cheese than a nuked burger). (I supposed I could add this to the “have it my way” instructions).

The “meaty, cheesy” goodness was comprised of two maybe two ounce burger patties (if I am being generous), and enough ketchup to float my car.

Fries were non descript, as they always have been at BK, I usually opt for their equally bad onion rings, but at least they are one of the very few fast food chains that offer rings. And yes, I have tried their “Cheesy Tots”, which are another victim of their microwaves.

Finally, the bathroom was a mess (Strike 5), and the guy charged with cleaning it (at least he was pushing the mop bucket towards the restroom), was interrupted by a cell phone call, which he had to take outside and babble in Arabic for 20 minutes. (Hey, I was still killing time for the appointment!).

BK has been through a lot of owners and a lot of management changes in the past couple decades. It needs to land with an owner that is interested in improving the product. Or it needs to give up. Either way makes no difference to me.

burger king  PNG

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