Burger Niece Hits Minneapolis X 2

Heard from Burger Niece yesterday, who was in Minneapolis to check out a few burgers and dogs (yes, it’s genetic). She hit up the Smashburger outlet in Golden Valley, then trekked a little further north to hit Uncle Franky’s in Plymouth.

She reported satisfaction on all counts, and was pleased with Smashburger concept, service and food, said she ordered at the counter, custom made burgers were delivered to table in less than five minutes.

They had the mushroom/swiss, the Twin Cities half pound smash, and the kid’s smash. (all pictured below).

Uncle Franky’s I haven’t heard of, but they got the Vienna beef chili dogs, and liked them just fine. (Who doesn’t like Vienna dogs?). The Uncle Franky’s website says they have three locations, the original site in Nordeast, one in Dinkytown, and the one in the far North suburbs. I imagine Dinkytown does real well, Dinkytown is one of the two little commerce blocks around the U of Minnesota (the other is called “Stadium Village”), and both neighborhoods have long been the locale for cheap eats for the students. One of my regular hangouts used to be a 24/7 place called “Best Steak House” (there was one in each area), which was akin to the old Tad’s Steakhouses in NYC. You know, steak, baked potato, salad and a roll for $1.79 or something silly like that. Are there any Tad’s left?

Apparently so, just checked the web, there’s still one in SFO and the steak dinner is $13.79, but you can get the half pound hamburger steak complete dinner for under ten bucks, so that’s still a deal!! Apparently Manhattan as well, but couldn’t find a website for those locations.

Anyway, thanks for the report Burger Niece….sounds like a good time was had by all!

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