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Best Steak House Review St PaulBest Steak Houses used to be all over the Twin Cities, or at least places like this with the same name.  This one has been around for 40 years. When I started going to them, you could get a complete steak dinner, meaning steak, baked potato, salad and texas toast, for between $2 – $4.  Today the range is more like $6- $12 on average, with some up charges and add-ons available. I was in the mood for “chopped steak,” simply because you don’t see it on menus very often. (And after all, the name of the site isn’t “Steak, Dogs, & Pizza!”)

You wait in a line up front and tell the grill man your order, there is no discussion of “doneness” or anything.  Move on down the cafeteria style line, pick up your tray, silver, and make a salad from the selection of fixins, which are not in abundance or up market. (Genuine face bacos!)  But hey, this is value dining!

While the menu says each dinner comes with a potato, it means “baked potato” and there is a 99 cent up charge for fries, but why the hell not?  They are fresh cut, cooked to order for each diner, and plopped on the plenty in quantity. Perhaps a pound?

I made my salad, paid, and you’re told to wait at the register for your order, it will be right up, and it is.  One mystery to me was that some people got two slices of Texas toast, and others got one.  Didn’t seem to coincide with any menu selection or price.  I think I figured out it had to do with your politeness in line (I’m not kidding, some of the people are just damned nasty to grill guy).  So anyway, I got two pieces, and if you’ve read this blog at all, you know I’m all about the Texas toast!

The meat was great, flavoful, and a host of condiments, steak sauces are on the table.  I couldn’t finish the fries, but I’d be damned if I was leaving them behind! Seriously, some of the best fries I’ve had in a long time!

Best Steak House is kind of north and east of downtown St. Paul, open for lunch and dinner seven days, and you can get the whole dinner at lunch time for less than $6.00.

You should check them out.  They also have fried shrimp, gyros, and burgers for the kids.  Daily specials as well.  Menu.

Best Steak House Review St Paul

Chopped Steak & Fries

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Best Steak House Review

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