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Sometimes, to the uninitiated, searching for a Tommy’s is a akin to searching for a pizza place named Ray’s in Manhattan. Success breeds imitation. So while there are a lot of places in Southern California with some variation of the name Original Tommy’s plastered on the front door, there is only one ORIGINAL TOMMY’s, albeit with multiple locations, as seen on the map below, from their website.

What brings people in here, in addition to the fresh quality ingredients, cooked to order, is the fabulous chili, which comes lathered on most every thing, unless you specifically request it not be. But who would? This is meaty, tasty chili at its finest, and therefore, chili fries at their finest.

Since I started this with the comparison to Ray’s Pizza, I’ll go one step further. People often talk about the “hang” quality of New York pizza. If it doesn’t “hang” right (the tip bends w/o the toppings sliding or tumbling off), then it’s not real NY pizza.tommy2 PNG

I’m gonna invent a comparison here, and talk about Tommy’s chili’s “cling.” This makes it for me. Pick up a frie slathered with Tommy’s chili, and the chili makes it to your mouth, not your shirt, not the car seat. The “cling” factor is outstanding, and part of what makes the Tommy’s chili fries such an excellent experience.

Check them out when you are in Southern California or Las Vegas. The red/white buildings are distinctive. The to-go meals come in these spiffy little cardboard trays (somebody else in a different red/white building used to do this, but quit).

You won’t be disappointed at Original Tommy’s.

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