Dairy Mart Review – Huntley, IL

Dairy Mart ReviewWhile certainly not a “Midwest thing,”  independent burger shops seem to have a better record of longevity in the Midwest than other parts of the country I have traveled through.   The “Dairy Mart”  in Huntley, IL, about 50 miles west of Chicago, is one such local institution.

Serving all the Chicago favorites, hot dogs, sausage, Italian beef, burgers, fried dinner plates, and fountain treats, the Dairy Mart is busy most times of day, most days of the year, and food is cooked to order.

I went with a cheeseburger and tots, and the hand-formed patty had a nice char from a flattop and was nicely seasoned (I’m guessing a little Season Salt and a little onion powder, but I could be wrong) (and frequently am), and the deep fried tots were done to perfection.  Hop over to our menu page to see what’s cookin’ at Dairy Mart.

I love this place.

Dairy Mart Review


Dairy Mart Review

Cheeseburger and Tots

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Dairy Mart Review

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