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District Donut Review New OrleansPersonally, I’m not creative enough to think of a way to make an exquisite donut shop even better, but fortunately, the folks at District Donut, Sliders, and Brew in New Orleans are.

The Garden District bakery offers beef and chicken sliders, as well as high quality ingredient daily specials and absolutely fabulous coffee in a city where there are so many great coffee choices.

The beef is from Creekstone Farms in Kansas, and chef told me it was a custom tri-blend, which usually means chuck, brisket, and short ribs black angus, formulated to the customer’s specifications. The result is an extremely flavorful burger, with just the right amount of fat for juiciness and flat-top sizzle.

District adds a house made B&B pickle, “District Sauce,”  Campari tomatoes, a hybrid larger than a cherry, smaller than a plum, and packed full of flavor.  It’s topped with a slice of American.

It’s one tasty burger. Truly.  I loved my iced latte and went bananas over the bottled water from Italy, much to my daughter’s amusement. Either at my reaction or the description on the bottle as “velvety.”  Hell, I thought it was great water, and it’s found in some of the world’s finest restaurants.  So pffffft kid.

District has some other outlets and efforts I’d like to try. Next trip.

But sneak in for a slider.  Or three.  And a bottle of water.

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District Donuts Review

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