Duluth, MN – Clyde Iron Works

A hundred years or so in the making, the new restaurant at Clyde Iron Works, 29th Avenue West and Michigan Street, is now open.

In the cavernous space of the old iron crane company, in a building that machines came out of that built the Empire State Building, Panama Canal, and logged the forests of the Great Plains, a local entrepreneur is making his mark with a micro-brewery, restaurant, bakery, and boutique hotel, adjacent to the new non-profit, multi-purpose athletic center, to be the home of high school and amateur hockey games.

The restaurant specializes in simple foods, made from scratch, and cooked in wood-fired ovens brought in from France.

Kawikamedia and the Minnesota Burger Posse hit the Ironworks today, and were among the first diners in Duluth to enjoy the fruits of the kitchen. The wood-fired pepperoni pizza was a huge hit, crispy charred think crust, and ample toppings.

Kawikamedia continued his quest for the Twin Ports best Pepper Cheeseburger, and gave that an A+ also, fresh ground hand-formed patty. The hand-cut fries were adequate, he said, and he bought sides of blue cheese and pico de gallo for laughs, which he also like.

The gang left full and satisfied, but Kawikamedia is already thinking of heading back to the bakery to pick up multiples of items he saw other people enjoying.

Clyde’s menu is online. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

All photos by Kawikamedia.

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