Duluth, MN – Dry Dock Bar and Restaurant

In Duluth, we’d say this place was out in the boonies, back in the day, but it’s not anymore. Overlooking the Grand View Golf Course, on a high hill, sitting at the Dry Dock you can see 50 miles to the South.

But why would you want to look at the view, instead of your plate? The Minnesota Burger Posse, led by Kawikamedia, headed out tot he Dry Dock the other day, and Kawika ordered his usual pepper cheeseburger, and for laughs, threw in a few green olives, as the Kawika family is known to do (it’s a genetic thing).

He opted for waffle fries with Cajun seasoning on the side, and loved both the fries and the burger, tho next time around, he’d err on the side of caution and order the burger with a little less flame time.

Here’s the Dry Dock menu.

Here are all the other reasons why you might want to visit Duluth.

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