Duluth, MN – New Scenic Cafe

Minnesota Burger Correspondent Kawikamedia apparently couldn’t hold out too long after I left town, to get another burger (me neither, we were just in different places!). He visited the New Scenic Cafe, which is a short drive up the shore of Lake Superior from Duluth. New Scenic has been cranking out interesting cuisine from as much locally sustainable goods as they can muster, for over a decade. This is not your typical Duluth food. Menu is here. Sashimi Tuna Tacos; Aspargus Flan; Curried Mussels. Sounds great.

But of course, Kawikamedia’s hunt was for a burger, and he said it was one of the better ones he has consumed, and that says a lot because we downed a few great ones last week.

The North Shore of Lake Superior is a beautiful drive, interesting places to stop, whether you are just taking a short leg of the drive, say to Two Harbors, or whether you are going all the way to Canada. If you’re not in the mood for a full meal, stop at Russ Kendall’s SmokeHouse, which has been in Knife River since the beginning of time, and grab a few smoked ciscoes to eat in the car. (Ciscoes are a smaller variety of whitefish). I even picked some up to tote home.

The burger is plated beautifully. I want one!

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One comment to “Duluth, MN – New Scenic Cafe”
One comment to “Duluth, MN – New Scenic Cafe”
  1. It was good and I am going back for another, OBTW, those are shallots and the refer pickle was out of this world. Its the little things plus the good meat and beautiful presentation that make a nice pleasant lunch.

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