Portland, OR – The Fried Onion Redux

Been trying to get to the Fried Onion’s ┬ánew location (SE 3 and Alder), to try their new Reuben sammich, ever since they rolled it out.

I know, you’re saying WTF? What’s a reuben got to do with burgers, dogs, and pizza? Well, you see, I occasionally like a few other things, you may have noticed if you check the site regularly, and I would have described that in the URL, but unfortunately, www.burgersdogspizzasammichesandotherstuffiliketoeat.com was already taken!

Happened to be in the neighborhood today, which is very industrial, but that’s probably the appropriate location for an “industrial strength” corned beef sammich. Like everything they do, (see previous write-up), preparation is meticulous, and the corned beef is piled high on the rye, kraut and mustard to your own specs (I opted for mucho kraut and yellow ‘stard), and a slab o’ swiss. I opted out of the thousand island which is common to reubens, just a personal taste thing, but you might like some on yours.

They use Thumann’s corned beef, straight out of Jersey, it’s been around since 1949. I thought a commercial for Thumann’s from 1998 might amuse you.


So it’s a great sandwich, a nice addition to their great burgers and dogs. They have a nice little new cubby, and a couple of picnic tables provide shelter from this long stretch of miserable Portland rain.

Good job, guys. Thanks for another great sammich!

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One comment to “Portland, OR – The Fried Onion Redux”
One comment to “Portland, OR – The Fried Onion Redux”
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