Fuddruckers Review

Fuddruckers ReviewSpoiler alert.  I really enjoyed this visit.   Can’t remember when the last time was that I stopped in a Fuddruckers, but it was certainly prior to their menu expansion, including “exotic” burgers, like elk, boar, turkey, kobe, and others (depending on location).

I went with the elk ($9.99) and it was cooked to order, got a side of rings ($2.70) and an iced tea ($1.75).

The “fixins” bar, (mustard, mayo, molten cheese,  ketchup, garlicy dill chips, onion, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and more) was well stocked and immaculate.

This location had the Coke Freestyle fountain machines, that pack 100 + varieties of soda and other Coke products into a single vend operation.

The fries had seasoned salt on them, I can take that or leave it, but it was a pretty light dusting.  The onion rings are cut thin and have a light crispy breading.

There are a lot of other menu choices, both for mains, and sides.

One kind of “oh oh” for me is both the fries and rings came from a warming tray, so they could have been fresher, and I’d also like to see mini trays or plates at the fixings bar.

Other than that?  When I want a fast-casual burger, Fuddruckers is my new go-to place!

Fuddruckers Review

Elk Burger on Wheat Bun

Fuddruckers Review

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Fuddruckers Review

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