Gardenburger Brand – Portobello Mushroom

Picked up a four pack of these a few weeks ago, got around to sampling last nite.  Not particularly healthier compared to – say a typical McDonald’s hamburger or cheeseburger, except in that they have less fat.   But pretty much equal in the carb and sodium department.
Ingredients include a couple of different rices, a couple of different mushrooms, a couple of different cheeses, dried spices, sugar.
Instructions say you can pan fry or microwave, we tried a hybrid.  Pan fried on cast iron for 5 minutes on one side, 3 minutes on another.
Consumed one right from the skillet, the other went into the microwave for an additional minute.
While the patties are flavorful, and the mushrooms definitely come through, my main objection was the texture – not “meaty” enough, tho the post skillet microwave treatment seemed to enhance the chewiness.
Garnished as I would any burger, mustard, onion, pickles, but ultimately could only eat half because of the texture thing.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy polished off the nuked one, however, and enjoyed it very much.
Would I buy again?  No.  While I am sure most vegetarians would enjoy this product, if I  am to add ‘meat substitutes’ to my diet, I kinda want the taste and feel of meat.  A veggie burger might be good if it is laced with beef extract, for example.
Do you have a recipe for a veggie burger that tastes like beef? I hope you share it here.


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