Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us!

Three years ago today, I accepted a challenge from Mrs. BurgerDogBoy.  She had started a marketing company the year before, specializing in advising on social media, and I had spent most of my career in “traditional media.”   I pooh-poohed the influence of blogs, twitter, facebook and such, and she challenged me to take a single topic I am passionate about, and to start a blog about it.

Three years, thousands of posts, thousands of followers later, this site, on a weekly basis,  draws thousands of readers weekly from 50 states, 70+ countries, brings in revenue to our household, brings interesting products to our mailbox to try, and lots and lots of invitations to restaurants.  So many that we can’t keep up.

It’s been fun hearing from lovers of burgers, hot dogs, and pizza from all over the world, and yes, we’ll keep at it, soon launching a complete redesign of the site, with more information, pix, and fun promos and prizes.

Thanks for hanging out with us.

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