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Wandering through the Gorge this weekend, on the way to Washington’s wine country, we were hungry a mere hour or so into the drive.   So we exited at Hood River to see what was afoot in the way of lunch, and parked on the main drag in front of the Passport Pub and Cafe, with the idea of walking the street til we found an establishment that suited us.

However, glancing at the menu at the Passport proved all the decision making power we needed, and we sidled in and sat at a table in the window overlooking the street.

All signs seem to indicate this was a rockin’ place at night, with the usual selection of potables on hand, as well as a wide variety of absinthe, which will make anyone crazy.

During the day – local drinkers, bar food, and fresh, made to order crepes, of both the sweet and savory varieties.

Mrs. BDB went with a ham and cheese crepe, which was truly excellent.  She ventured into the specialty drink menu for her beverage and came up with a “Gingertini”, vodka, ginger, and San Pellegrino Lemonade, which was bracing and refreshing at the same time.  It may be her new favorite drink.

I went with a cheeseburger, more out of habit than desire, but did score a side of poutine, which we shared. Poutine, truly the national dish of Canada – I have written before about my affinity for this basket of deliciousness, and Passport’s offering endeared me for all the wrong reasons.

It’s their own variation, but I loved it.

The cheeseburger was ok, standard bar food, nothing out of the ordinary, but did the trick for me.   Hood River is a diner’s paradise, on a small scale, and worth a stop if you are transversing the Gorge in either direction.

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One comment to “Hood River, OR – Passport Pub & Cafe”
One comment to “Hood River, OR – Passport Pub & Cafe”
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