I Pop My Back Yard Burger Cherry

Backyard Burgers started in Mississippi, back in the day, and has spread to 20+ states in the South and Middle West. I’ve driven by them on many occasions, but never found myself in close proximity to one at meal time (HEY, I heard that!).

But the other day, I did. Odd, I have no real recollection of where it was. Mississippi, I suspect, on the I-55 corridor, as I know it was prior to my hitting Dyer’s in Memphis. I’m gonna take a stab here and say it was Batesville, the casket capital of North America.

BYB’s goal/motto is to “make burgers as good as you can make in your back yard,” and they might come close.

I went with the standard 1/3 pound burger, added swiss, and awaited its arrival at my sunny outside table. There wasn’t much traffic at the restaurant, so the food came fast.

The patty appeared hand-formed, and cooked to just past medium.  As with so many places, the freshness of the toppings and condiments make the sandwich “special,”  but at BYB, the meat is a great grind, tasty, all on its own.

Below is a pic from their website showing a cheeseburger, followed by the pic of  mine.  You have a choice of fast food burgers in many cities, and where you choice includes BYB,  it’s a better bet than most choices.

Back Yard’s Menu.


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One comment to “I Pop My Back Yard Burger Cherry”
One comment to “I Pop My Back Yard Burger Cherry”
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