I Think Jack-in-the-Box is Funnin’ Us!

Went to check out the mini angus burgers today, they come three in a box, combo meal about five and a half bucks. While the patty tastes good on its own, staring at them, I first thought, “these must be hand-formed with their irregular shape.” I kept thinking about it, and looking at all three burgers avec Américain nourriture de fromage traité, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, old Jack fries up one of his larger burgers, slaps on the cheese, and then TEARS the burger into three pieces! Well, maybe, maybe not, that’s what it looked like to me.

The patty is atop a few grilled onion pieces (diced), and the top bun has a whisk of ketchup. Ditch the bun and condiments, and you have a tiny tasty burger.

But I still don’t think they have tiny cows anywhere. I picked up the new antenna ball. Not sure what it represents, but I think it looks like the guy in Pulp Fiction.

jack1 PNG

jackbox3 png

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