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If your motivation for stopping at a fast food place is the value proposition, calories for dollars, one would be hard-pressed to top the Jumbo Deal currently on offer at Jack in the Box.  A Jumbo Jack burger (at least 1/4 pound pre-cooked, in my estimation), two tacos, small fries, and a beverage.  That’s  1200 calories, more if you don’t go with a diet soft drink.   A day’s worth of food for most people, for less than $3.50.  That’s less then most of the premium sandwiches at McDonald’s.  (Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with cheese are 540 and 510 calories, respectively, according to the McDonald’s nutrition info on their website.  A big burger there, essentially three sides, and a drink are going to be more than double in price at McDonald’s then this offering at JITB.

To my taste, this burger patty tops McD’s (even their Angus, which I have previously opined to me tastes exactly like a larger version of the quarter-pounder).   To get a better grip on the patty taste, I ditched the chopped lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

I like the fact that Jack in the Box offers all of their menu at all hours.  Mostly because that means all of jack6 PNGthe condiments are out at all times, so whether your taste leans towards dousing your burger with pancake syrup, or putting Buffalo chicken sauce on your eggs, Jack’s is the place to do that.

Like White Castle, I have fond memories of visiting Jack in the Box late nites when I didn’t remember being there the next day, and wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t rolled over in bed to find taco crumbs.

But today I am attracted to their 24 hour menu, and of course their commercials.  I also respect them because some years ago, I wrote them a letter pointing out a question I had about one of their tv commercials, and they replied kindly, and changed the commercial.  While I don’t remember exactly, I suspect there were food coupons in the letter I received from them.  That kind of customer service from a company HQ always endears me to them.

I’ve never paid all that much attention to JITB fries, but they are quite good as well, are obviously real potatoes, and fried nicely in a lighter oil than many establishments use.    My neighborhood Jack is always spotless, and the servers are cordial.

So I’m pumping the Jumbo Deal today, which the poster says “is for a limited time.”  I hope that means “awhile.”

(Photo  below is from Jack in the Box Corporate PR website, used under their restrictions).

jack jumbo2

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