Krystals Waffle Fries Review

(Update, these are apparently no longer available.  Potato “strips,” grits, or beans are the alternative choice to fries at present).

Hit up Krystal to try one of their latest offerings, Seasoned Waffle Fries, and of course, I needed a couple sliders to ‘wash’ them down with.   After decades of contemplation about it, I think I prefer the Krystal burger to White Castle.  Can’t say why, maybe it’s the pickle.

I love Waffle Fries.  And tots.  And will almost always opt for them if they are an option.  This particular order?  Not seasoned, and not fully cooked. (Sigh)

So I can’t really give a fair assessment of them, since I doubt they were  prepared as corporate would have preferred.

A few years ago, I checked out Krystal’s mini hot dogs. In this very same city, as it happens.

Menu is online. Locator.



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krystals waffle fries review

krystals waffle fries review

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