Little Big Burger Suggests I Don’t Return

Received by email from Little Big Burger, Dec. 26, 2011. Posted w/o comment.


“Hi there Peter – everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but I would prefer that you voice yours by saving yourself such a mediocre dining experience and not returning any more, rather than trashing us all over the interweb. I remember exactly who you are, and for being such a professed burger joint connoisseur you certainly are not very understanding of a new restaurant working out it’s kinks (you wrote your review after we’d been open for 21 days). Had you been direct and offered actual, thoughtful suggestions to the management, we might have taken you seriously, instead of seeing your passive-aggressive amateur reviews here and there. You are also not authorized to use my photograph, and I am requesting that you remove it from your blog and any posts immediately.


katie poppe

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