Culver City, CA – Howards Big Burger

This place has been around as long as I can remember, at least going back 25 years. A nondescript window in an equally nondescript strip mall, Howard’s once screamed attention from its brightly colored sign, which has faded with time. (OK, just glanced at take-out menu and it says “since 1971”, Same Owners, Same Good Food). Glad that’s settled.

But who can resist someplace that’s “famous”, even if they do say so themselves? Howards offers a variety of burgers (up to 1/2 pound), hot dogs, tacos, melts, and fries, rings, and chili fries on the side.

I went for the original bacon & avocado burger, and it didn’t disappoint, despite the patty being run of the mill food service provisions. It’s the method (griddled on a flat top), vegetables, and assembly that makes Howard’s special, in the way many people think In N Out are special, even tho the burger by itself IS nothing special. Isn’t that special?  I wouldn’t usually be one to go for avocado on a burger, but the cool, creaminess of the avocado, juxtaposed against the hot crispy nature of bacon, makes this a keeper.

It comes in heftily, but with a non-hefty price, $5.35. I drove by this place every day for years without stopping in. Found out today I was missing something.

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Howards Big Burger

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