Lunchables “Frito Pie” Review

Lunchables Walking Taco ReviewLunchables is a line of snack sized entrees from Oscar Mayer, a division of Kraft.  Last week we tried out their French toast strips with bacon.  I’m the one that has labeled this a “Frito Pie,” Lunchables calls it a “walking taco.”  They don’t use the word “Frito” because that is a registered trademark of the Frito-Lay company, of course.

But in many parts of the country, the word “Frito” has become a generic type term for corn chips, much like Kleenix has for tissue.  Thus you’ll see this type of thing called a “Frito Pie” in many parts of the country.  Whew, what a long winded explanation.

The origin of the Frito Pie seems to be the subject of some dispute, but most agree it started showing up in the early 1960s, and is most popular in the SW, Midwest, and Deep South, tho “walking taco” seems to be a distinctly Midwest moniker. (Where it probably isn’t ‘walking’ at all, but most likely shows up as a casserole at church pot luck suppers).

In it’s convenience store form, a consumer purchases a bag of corn chips, heads to the hot dog condiment station, ladles on chili and cheese, and eats the snack from the bag with a spork.  Another variation is adding pickled pig parts (feet or lips) to the mix.

Lunchables version comes with packets of corn chips, meat, Kraft cheese blend, and chili sauce.  Dump the latter three into the corn chip bag, microwave for 15 seconds, and spork you, instant snack!

I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor.  The snack clocks in at 300 calories (half from fat), and the ‘meat’ has a nice traditional flavor and texture (despite having ground beef as the last ingredient on a long line of ingredients), and the chili sauce was reminiscent of Taco Bell mild.

These are inexpensive, and something kids are sure to like, if you think that the nutrition statement is OK for your family.

Lunchables Walking Taco Review

Ingredient components

Lunchables Walking Taco Review

Assembled in the chip bag

Lunchables Walking Taco Review

Plated, for a close up



Lunchables Frito Pie Review


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