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(Filed by Texas Burger Bureau Chief G. Michael Clark) ┬áNext time you’re in downtown Memphis, the burger of choice may very well be the four-pounder at Kooky Canuck on 2nd Street, just around the corner from the main entrance to the Peabody Hotel. Finish the four-pounder in 60 minutes — or bring a friend and polish off a six-pounder — and you’ll find yourself not just full, but famous, with your picture hung on the Canuck’s Wall of Fame.

If your appetite isn’t quite that big, their regular burgers measure up to a measly half-pound. While you’re waiting for yours, the Canuck has a few appetizers that you will find interesting:

The Poutine, a dish of hand-cut fries mixed with white cheddar cheese curds and smothered in tasty brown gravy, differs from the French Canadian original only in its size, which is big enough to mush a dog sled all the way from Quebec to Vancouver. The fried green tomatoes are as good as you’ll find anywhere, although they really open your eyes when you dip them into the tangy mustard remoulade that comes with them.

But the winner on our visit was the Canuck’s “egg rolls,” a combination of pulled pork BBQ and cole slaw wrapped in an Asian crust and nicely fried, then served with some BBQ sauce on the side.

Ask the hostess for a seat in the front window and do some people watching on the sidewalk outside. That way you won’t have to exhibit your gluttony to the dozen or so moose, deer, elk and bison heads that stare down at you from the faux hunting lodge walls further inside. ┬áThe Canuck’s full menu is online.

Kooky Canuck


Kooky Canuck

Fried Green Tomatoes

Kooky Canuck

BBQ Egg Rolls



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Kooky Canuck Review

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