Milwaukee, WI – George Webb’s

George Webb. When it’s 3AM, you shouldn’t be driving, and White Castle won’t cut it, and you’ve sworn never to set foot i a Denny’s again. Since 1948, the George Webb chain has been serving locally sourced grub to hungry Packer backers 24/7; to go, at the counter, or table side.

Webb’s B and B (breakfast and burgers) menu is all cooked to order, and they really do try and source as much locally as they are able, kinda like the Pacific Northwest’s Burgerville. (which I never understood the fascination locals have for this place, and besides, their workers don’t wear gloves).

Toss in a couple of ersatz dinner entrees (including the ubiquitous Wisconsin Friday night fish fry, but aviaalb e, and the George Webb experience is complete.

Webb’s food is a step or six above national or other regional chains, even if you can’t get your hash browns “Waffle House” style of chopped, slopped, cropped, mopped, smothered, covered, or however the phrase goes.

I went for a single plain burger at midnight, and it was delish.

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