Minneapolis – Burger Jones

“Who’s your momma? Who’s your daddy?  Who’s your pusher with the patty?” asks Burger Jones.

Got a jones on for a burger? I guess you go to Burger Jones to have that itch scratched.  When my brother goes on a quest for the ultimate Pepper Cheeseburger, he apparently leaves no bun unturned.    Burger Jones calls itself a “restaurant and cocktail bar”, and what combo could be better?  BJ is located in a spruced-up former Applebee’s at 3200 West Lake Street in Minneapolis, open 11A-1A, seven days a week, and YES!  they have poutine! If you can’t get there, buy a shirt, I did.  And BTW?  A grand time was had by all in attendance.

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Burger Jones

BJ - Int

Burger Jones Menu

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