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Nights when Mrs Burgerdogboy is out hobnobbing with the rich and famous, I stay home and make myself a burger or two, while listening to the 60s on 6 on Sirius. Tonight’s choice was Moran’s All Natural Ground Beef, (73/27) a one pound chub, picked up at my local Albertson’s.

According to their website, Moran’s is the largest processor of ground beef under one roof in the U.S. The facility is in suburban Los Angeles. There are no references on the website as to where the raw product comes from.

In business for over sixty years, they define “All Natural” as to the fact “that our products contain no artificial ingredients, coloring ingredients, or chemical preservatives; and the product and its ingredients are not more than minimally processed.”

The chub, when unwrapped, weighed 16 oz raw. After pan-frying in a seasoned cast-iron skillet, the patties weighed in at 5 oz each, for @ 38 % loss from cooking.

The beef patty, on its own, had a slightly greasy taste to me; altho most hamburger aficionados would think it a cooking “sin”, I do press the burgers with a spatula prior to removing them from the pan. Flavor was o.k., nothing memorable. Research shows people prefer to buy beef that they can see through transparent packaging. These chubs come in vinyl printed wrappers with a photo of ground beef on them. What’s your preference?

treasure caveI went with a solo topping tonight, Treasure Cave Blue Cheese crumbles. Treasure Cave was founded in Faribault, MN, where the cheese was naturally cured in caves along the river and it became one of the best sellers in the world. It’s now owned by Saputo, the Canadian dairy giant, but you can still purchase blue made in the Faribault caves from a local company called aptly, Faribault Dairy. BurgerDogBoy and some cohorts used to play in and around those caves back in the day.

Resting on a fresh kaiser, the charred, but medium rare, blue cheese burger was divine. Think I’ll have another!

Map is Faribault Dairy Co. in Minnesota. They do have tours.

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