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When I moved to New Orleans in the year 2000, there weren’t any fancy pants hamburger joints like there are now, but there was NOHS, which offered you the (somewhat odd) choice of a burger or a local (poboy) sandwich in a fast casual setting.  What I liked about the restaurant at the time, at least the Metairie outlet I frequented, is I recall they had a rather large “fixins” bar, which seems to have vanished.

Nevertheless, they have grown to multiple locations and serve pretty good quality food, rather quickly.  The uptown outlet that I was in, on St. Charles, has a full bar and raw oysters as well.  Mixed drinks were $4.44, it may or must have been happy hour, cause it’s been a year or six since drink prices were in that range.  Oysters were cheap as well.

But the item worth going in for, as you’ll see in most of the online reviews?  The fries.  Drizzled with garlic / herb butter, flavor and texture is superb, with the potatoes sliced in such a fashion as to retain the flavoring.

A small pool of melted butter sat below the fries.   Dear owners:  please make ramekins of this available as a dipping sauce.  Love to pour it on fried shrimp. I’ll pay!

New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Review

Shrimp poboy and fries


Typical menu.

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New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Review

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