North Plains, OR – Rogue Brew Pub and Eatery

Rogue Brew Pub and Eatery

Rogue Brew Pub and Eatery

In the midst of elephant garlic territory (you missed the festival last week, btw), in the center of town….ok, in the center of the one block of town, sits the Rogue Brew Pub and Eatery, which i don’t believe is any relation to the Rogue Ales brewer type guys. Tho they do serve those quaffs.

This is a neighborhood bar w/o a neighborhood, out in the middle of elephant garlic heaven, Oregon. We were on our way to the coast, when hunger pains struck, but regretfully, far past the exit for the Helvetia Tavern.

So it was either grab a couple of burgers from the AM/PM mini mart, or check out this place. It was mid afternoon, so the place was empty, but that didn’t deter the waitress from popping the top on a new case of attitude, just for us.

You know what I mean, the waitress (or waiter) who rolls their eyes so hard, you think you can HEAR IT, when they say to themselves, “oh great, customers.” After delivering the menus, and taking our drink orders, she had to return a number of times to get our order, and despite being the only customers, despite repetition, despite her successfully (one assumes) passing it off to the cook, after a considerable length of time, it was at last delivered……wrong.

Fuck it, we say, let’s eat, and we did. I ordered the elephant garlic burger, a 1/3 pound food service patty adorned with elephant garlic pureed with a little basil, wine and mayo. This was plopped atop an over-sized slice of genoa salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and raw onion.

While the menu cautioned this burger is for “garlic lovers only,” elephant garlic is not really a member of the garlic family, closer to leeks, and thus milder in flavor. I didn’t find it entirely unpleasant, and will try and concoct same at home, but using a higher quality meat, and a harder salami. Just personal preference.

The burgers come standard with run of the mill chips, fries or rings $2.00 extra. We tried the rings, and they weren’t particularly memorable, either.

There were three of us, two burgers, one rings, two beers, one soda, one calamari, one side salad, $33, plus tip.

Kind of spendy.

I’m glad I went, so I can go “oh, pshaw,” when someone brags to me about what a good burger this place has.

It’s a good burger if you happen to be in North Plains and run out of gas or get a flat tire, maybe. Otherwise, “this isn’t the burger you are looking for, move along.”

Rogue Brew Pub Elephant Garlic Burger

Rogue Brew Pub Elephant Garlic Burger

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